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Short bio

Dan Addison and Si Norton are forestfloor, an indie-folk duo making thoughtful and arresting unplugged music for fans of Bon Iver, Fairport Convention, Dirty Projectors, Adrianne Lenker, Radiohead.

Long bio

To quote Orson Welles, “The enemy of art is the absence of limitation”. Folkestone musicians Dan Addison and Si Norton are forestfloor, an indie-folk duo with a very deliberate ‘less is more’ approach. Even their instruments are as unassuming as possible; simple 3/4 size travel guitars normally recommended to young children.

The duo have developed a rigorous co-writing process in the search for creative alchemy from their one-take unplugged format. The resulting music feels raw and direct even when thematically cryptic or nebulous, with nods towards Bon Iver, Fairport Convention, Dirty Projectors, Adrianne Lenker and Radiohead.


The phrase ‘less is more’ is almost a three-word manifesto for forestfloor. We embrace our minimal resources. This is partly by necessity, partly for the challenge. Having this zero-fluff format makes it achievable for us to actually get into a room every week to do some pure creative brain-work, as a break from our responsibilities. Plus it’s fun to try to put two guitars and two voices together in a new way that sounds both surprising and satisfying.








Tech specs

Our performance requirements are basic, we can set-up and de-rig in a few minutes.


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